Hello sweeties, 🙂

here is Part 2 from the Frei Cycle Exhibition. Enjoy 🙂 🙂

Love Luisa 🙂 ❤

Milchmeer ecobags 

colorful, practical, fair.

These Milchmeer ecebergs are the bags and wallets from colorful cement sacks and fish feed sacks . The recycled bags are incidentally not specially printed, they are already so colorful . Because each bag is a little different and the bags are made entirely by hand, each milk sea upcycling product is a unique piece .

schwarzwald guerilla

By schwarzwald guerrilla  get used materials , such as glass bottles and wood from one-way pallets upgraded and get a new life . Each of these products is unique with minor defects and wear, which make up the special charm

Yvonne Miller Hochhuber 

She uses an array of materials for her mixed media works; like old wallpaper, photos, fabrics and found bits and pieces . Yvonne Miller Hochhuber also use textured paint and acrylic paint , wood, plexiglass and yarn . The pictures are created on homemade wooden frames that are covered with fabrics .

Everything just looks incredibly sweet and so lovley . I love it.

other stuff thats amazing too



blues bones.

mourned memoria.

TURNRAUM by zur schönen Linde.

vintage lighting.

Here you find all Exhibitors who being part on Frei Cycle 2015. 🙂

result of the day 🙂 

It was a really busy day, and i saw a lot of designers and their work. And of course i haven’t seen everything in detail… and even the photos here are just a small part of all. But i really like the way to try catching good photos from the Exhibition and write a few words to the pics. 🙂 So I’m looking forward to the next Event i can go as a photographer 🙂 maybe there are coming some new projects soon 🙂 – nobody knows what coming next 😀